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Wednesday 9 June 2010

GCC investigations committee refers 36 Chiropractors to Professional Conduct Committee

The GCC has now updated me on the status of 50 of my complaints.

In 36 cases, the Investigations Committee has decided that there is a case to answer and they will be referring an allegation of unacceptable professional conduct against them to the Professional Conduct Committee.

In eight cases, the GCC is awaiting further information.

But in the remaining six cases, the GCC has decided not to pursue the allegation. It reads as though a determining factor was that those chiropractors immediately removed the claims upon being advised to do so by their association. The only explanation I can think of is that the BCA wrote to their members advising them not to make the claims while simultaneously pursuing a case against Simon Singh for referring to those same claims as "bogus".

Looks like the BCA does sometimes give good advice after all.


Alice said...

Tee hee hee!

Anonymous said...

I have a letter from the GCC saying very clearly that no chiropractors had their cases dismissed by the investigating committee for the reason of withdrawing their websites as you have suggested. If they are not telling the truth you should publish the evidence.