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Monday 3 August 2009

Chinese Medicine Allergy Tests in the Leicester HighCross Centre

Claims to be able to test for allergies using nothing but a lock of your hair should always be treated with suspicion, but especially so when the claims are made by a shop advertising Traditional Chinese Medicine.

But it’s always worth trying these things out, so a couple of us went along for a test. After a couple of weeks we both got our results with some added advice on which supplements we should be taking.

My results:

Low reaction to wheat, "pepper/spicy", nuts. Moderate reaction to dairy, caffeine, yeast. I could benefit from more chromium and valerian.

My friend's results:

Low reaction to Nightshade family, citrus fruits, salt, sweet, beet/cane sugar, house & dust mite. Medium reaction to dairy, orange and grass pollen. He could benefit from more Omega-3, Milk thistle herb and co-enzyme q10.

With the exception of dairy, our results were completely different.

Which is quite strange, since we both took in a sample of my hair.

I’ve written to the company to request an explanation and have not yet received one. Nor have they offered to refund the fee.


Zeno said...

Utterly brilliant. Shows how easy it is to do science and expose quackery for the nonsense it is.

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

As I commenced to pen this reply, I glanced at the semi-cryptic 'word verification' section which one must mimic in order to successfully complete a posting.

It summed up my attitude to woo in one neologism:

Far superior to 'turpitude'

XRAYBOB said...

I think your article proved without a shadow of a doubt that its complete TOSH!. thankful cos my missus was about to put coin in the mits of these chinese charlatans.