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Monday 6 July 2009

Over half of chiropractor colic web pages slashed & burnt

The chiropractor web site slash and burn reached a milestone today. Over half of the web pages I originally found containing the word "colic" have either been deleted, or have had the word removed.

When I originally ran the search, I found 619 pages on the web sites of BCA members. We're now down to just 273. That means a whopping 57% of pages have been changed or removed.

This shows just how much of a difference just a few people can make. This disorganised campaign has involved only 5 people. One person (I'm not sure who) submitted the original ASA complaint. Then myself and Zeno both checked chiropractor web sites for unsubstantiated claims (without each of us knowing what the other was up to). Prof Chris French, myself and another chap wrote a trading standards complaint and mail-merged it, and finally both Zeno and I submitted mass complaints to the GCC.

I've got another letter ready to go to Trading Standards about the remaining web sites. But while the slash & burn continues I think I'll hold off for another week or so. I'm hoping to get a large number of signatories.

If you wish to sign the letter, please join this Facebook group. I'll message all members once the letter is ready to go, of course allowing you to read it before getting final confirmation for your name to be added.

If just 5 people signing letters can make this much difference, think how much difference hundreds can make. Please join the Facebook group.

The current version of the letter is available to view here: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df7dstxw_13h5mxjwcf&invite=1199211655

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