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Saturday 5 April 2008

Ken Ham, Answers In Genesis

I visited a highly entertaining talk from Ken Ham the Australian creationist on 3rd April. Ken Ham is the founder of Answers in Genesis and is so desperate to hold onto his faith that he has needed to build his own museum to convince himself of this nonsense.

There's no real need for me to say what went on, as it has the visit was properly recorded by others here.

Most surprisingly, I found that Ken and I agreed on one detail. His fear of losing the belief in the Genesis creation story is that without it; the whole basis of Christianity falls down. Without Adam and Eve, there's no original sin. And without original sin; Jesus's sacrifice is pointless. Which makes the entire Christ myth a waste of time.

I couldn't agree with Ken any more on this point. I really don't understand how so many Christians can continue to think the myth has any significance without it. Ken's world-view is without doubt mumbo-jumbo. But at least it's consistent mumbo-jumbo.

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